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WordPress is the most popular content management system with millions of installations worldwide. WordPress websites are easy to use where existing pages can be updated with ease. New pages and menus can be added with no coding knowledge and little training. A WordPress developer can develop a website much quicker than a conventional website due to the thousands of functionality available in the form of WordPress plugins. Every day, high quality WordPress themes are made available by WordPress developers catering to restaurants, real estate, small business, education and almost all types industries, institutions and trades. These WordPress themes are intuitive and responsive in design which enable a website based on WordPress to appear equally beautiful on all types of mobiles and tablets.

Choosing the right WordPress developer do design and develop your website is vital to the success of how your website could improve your business.

How to choose A WordPress developer bangalore ?

  • Capability – Ask if the wordpress developer has developed websites on WordPress.

Many web design companies in India with no in house WordPress capability tend to eagerly bag WordPress web development orders which they then outsource to other web design companies specializing in WordPress development. This results in unnecessary delays in communication and no capability for after sales service and support. The actual cost paid to the WordPress developer is much lesser due to the margins retained by the company securing the order which severely affects the quality.

If the WordPress developer has in house development capability, check the quality of websites developed and the approximate price paid to gauge the quality to price competitiveness. Just deciding on the WordPress developer to design your website based on price often leads to poor quality, expectation differences and ultimately a poor online representation of your business.

  • Credibility – Ask for references of customers or check the WordPress developer website if customer references exist.

Check for customer testimonials and wordpress development portfolio on the developer’s website. If you are not happy, ask for references. Speak to previous or existing customers of the WordPress developer. Interact with them via email and ask a feedback of the quality, service levels, delivery and after sales support. If the customers who have hired the WordPress developer are happy with the level of service, quality, delivery, responsiveness and honesty, you are going to be a happy customer too. Remember, it is your business which is going to be represented online and it is your money. Spending time for this would make a difference to how your business is represented online and viewed by customers.

  • Knowledge – How much do they know about my business area.

Although less important if you are very clear about what you need on your website, it could make a difference to know if the WordPress developer has developed WordPress websites with similar functionality. This is important as the developer could come up with suggestions on functionality which could improve your business.

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