Xithi supports and monitors more than 60 customer websites with 1 million + indexed pages, 20,000+ visitors per day with 2 websites contributing to 50% of the traffic and indexed pages. Xithi support team has the experience in handling high traffic, high index sites to simple 5 page business websites.


Why Website and Server Monitoring?


  • An offline website is as good as a business which is not open for business to the online audience.

  • Websites can be hacked with inappropriate content put in which needs to be rectified immediately.

  • A malware could send thousands of emails from a compromised website which will be marked as a spam website.

  • Upgrades on the website server may render the website disfunctional partially or completely.

  • A compromised website could lose its search engine position which could affect the business revenue.


    Use Cases For Website And Server Monitoring


    Ecommerce website monitoring and support, Small business website monitoring and support, Blog website monitoring and support, Real estate website monitoring and support.


    Why Hire Us For Website & Server Monitoring?


  • Supporting over 60+ customer websites ranging across small business websites to high traffic portals.

  • Established customer support and engagement model.

  • Dedicated website support team and website development team.

  • Excellent value for money.

  • Excellent in house development and marketing services.