Software As A Service(SAAS) based applications are cloud/internet based applications which offer an excellent alternative for businesses to seek services for a fixed cost instead of having to manage its own hardware infrastructure, software and support personnel. Xithi has developed robust SAAS php applications for SAAS solution providers.


Why are SAAS based php applications needed?


Software As A Service offer a win win situation for the product owners and customers a few of which are as below:

  • Flexibility for the product owner to keep the product updated and add additional functionality needed.

  • Low overhead costs for customers in terms of infrastructure management.

  • Consistent revenue flow for product owner to invest more into technology and development.

  • ¬†Internet based which takes away dependency of OS dependency for customers.


    A few use cases for SAAS based applications could be:


  • SAAS based applications – Accounting software, real estate CRM, online learning portals, online bug tracking systems, project management tools.


    Why hire us for SAAS based php application development?


  • ¬†Proven capability in SAAS based application development across various industry verticals.

  • Technical know how in SAAS based architecture.

  • Deep understanding of businesses and organizational processes across verticals.

  • Established customer engagement model.

  • Mature project management methodology.

  • Established development and testing methodologies.

  • Excellent value for money for quicker ROI.