Xithi has helped customers enhance and upgrade their php based applications with minimal down time to live web based applications.


Why enhance and upgrade?


An enhancement or upgrade to an existing php based web application could be necessary for the following reasons :

  • The version of php code developed is not supported by hosts anymore and there is an immediate need to upgrade to a new version.

  • New features or functionality needed for the application due to expansion or to stay ahead of the competition.

  • The underlying php application running the website many not be robust and secure enough to handle the growing traffic, database and load.

  • What started out as an experiment has now become serious business

  • Keep up with changing trends of internet usage like social media, devices, search and marketing techniques.


    A few use cases for php enhancement and upgrades could be:


  • Upgrade – upgrade from a lower version of php to a higher version supported by the hosting provider.

  • Enhancements -  social media integration, video integration, API integration from third party providers, loyalty programs, new payment gateway integration, functionality changes.


    Why hire us for PHP application upgrade and enhancements?


  • Experience in upgrading and enhancing live php application websites.

  • Expertise in all facets of web application development.(Link to capability matrix).

  • Established customer engagement model.

  • Established development and testing methodologies to enhance and upgrade live websites.

  • Minimal downtime and loss of traffic.

  • Excellent value for money for quicker ROI.