A business website which scores well in design has to equally score well in the insides which make it to be found by customers. Xithi design and digital marketing team collaborate to ensure that the website design is W3C compliant, has the right tags, internal linking and appropriate content. This ensures that the website designed gets an equally good technical score with search engines.


Why On page SEO?


  • The website should be compliant with W3C standards for search engines to crawl.

  • The meta tags should have relevant keywords and phrases to focus on the objective of the webpage.

  • The webpage content has to be relevant to the business/service offered.

  • The website navigation should be easy to follow for users and search engines alike.


    Use Cases For On page SEO Optimization


    Better search engine rankings, Better usability.


    Why Hire Us For On page SEO Optimization?


  • Expert talent pool in on page SEO optimization.

  • Established customer engagement model.

  • Proven design, development and testing methodologies.

  • Excellent value for money for quicker ROI.

  • Excellent inhouse content writing services.