E-commerce market has evolved as a platform where people not only look for buying goods online but other services as well. Xithi helps  business with their products or services being made available worldwide on internet. Xithi team has the expertise to build e-commerce sites based on various open source technologies that suits client’s needs which can take their business reach people from all over the world.


Why Get a E-commerce Website Developed?


  • No geographical boundaries for your business.

  • Add new customers to your business through internet.

  • Lower cost of operating your business.

  • Consumers can locate your product or services quicker.

  • Eliminates travel time and cost to end users.

  • Comparison of products or services with few clicks.

  • Benefits to consumers through offers and discounts.

  • Provides abundant information of products and services.


    Use Cases of Ecommerce Website


  • Ecommerce website development for Business to Business (B2B): Business owners who are manufacturers, traders, retailers or service providers doing business with each other to reach the end customer indirectly.

  • Ecommerce website development for Business to Consumer (B2C): Business owners who are selling their products and services to the end customer directly.

  • Ecommerce website development for Consumer to Business (C2B): A platform where end consumers posts his requirements and business owners meet the requirements directly.

  • Ecommerce website development for Consumer to Consumer (C2C): A platform where consumers meet consumers for their requirements directly.


    Why Hire Us For E-Commerce Development?


  • Successfully delivered E-commerce sites using Opencart, Prestashop, OS commerce, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce and similar platforms.

  • Proven technical expertise in custom development for Ecommerce websites like crowd sourcing and crowd funding.

  • Unique store front designs for each client.

  • Customized features to suit your business and manage your online shop.

  • A Hybrid Scrum based development methodology.

  • Proven design, development and testing methodologies.

  • Excellent value for money for quicker ROI.