eCommerce has opened up one more avenue for businesses. Millions of products are sold to online customers every day and the numbers are only increasing. Xithi is endeavoring to develop a capability to help “E”tailers organize their online assets in presentable formats on their own websites as well as marketplaces like Ebay, Amazon. Xithi has a team of developers who can create presentable online stores on Ebay and Amazon, prepare and upload product catalogs.


Why Ecommerce Data Services?


  • Just like a well packaged product sells better in a store, a well presented product sells better online.

  • Sell products on own ecommerce website as well as marketplaces like amazon, ebay and google checkout .

  • Edit photos to remove background for better presentation.

  • Use of keywords in the product description has better changes of being found online.


    Use Cases of eCommerce Data Services


  • Furniture supplies selling products online on ebay and amazon.

  • Electronic gadget supplier listing products online.

  • Cosmetics etailer selling on ecommerce website.

  • Ebay seller listing products from multiple suppliers.


    Why hire us for your eCommerce Data Services?


  • Experience in photo editing, wording and preparing online catalogs, uploading content to online stores.

  • Expertise in setting up online stores on Ebay, Amazon, shopify and bigcommerce.

  • Experience in integrating existing ecommerce sites to feed into marketplaces.

  • Established customer engagement modal.

  • Excellent value for money for quicker ROI.