The rapid growth of eCommerce marketplaces, social media and competitiveness has put the business in an environment where customers are seeking better pricing, services and experience. Integration into these marketplaces, social media interaction, incorporating a wider product mix from multiple suppliers on a drop-ship basis are the new avenues businesses are looking for to entice customers to buy from their eCommerce store.


Why eCommerce API & Integration?


  • Integrate product feeds into most popular marketplaces like Google checkout, Ebay, Amazon.

  • Integrate the ERP and back-end systems to the eCommerce website for better stock visibility, reporting and supply-chain management.

  • Social media interaction with loyal customers to bring them back to buy more.

  • Integration with third party loyalty sites to offer loyalty programs.

  • Integrate product feeds from multiple drop ship suppliers adding to the product mix offered.

  • Better reporting analytics on online performance for a click and mortar business.


    Use Cases of eCommerce API & Integration


  • Integrate Magento eCommerce website feeds into ebay.

  • Feed product data into Magento eCommerce website from back-end ERP system.

  • Receive drop ship supplier feed and display additional products on eCommerce website.

  • Receive inventory, sales and user statistics data into ERP system.

  • Integrate product specials into Facebook page.


    Why hire us for Why eCommerce API & Integration?


  • In-depth knowledge of how to sell online and mechanisms to integrate it.

  • Experience in developing and integrating third party api into eCommerce websites.

  • Established customer engagement modal.

  • Established design, development and testing methodologies.

  • Excellent value for money for quicker ROI.