The rapid growth of eCommerce has put the business in a very competitive environment where consumer always looks for a change in their experience of shopping.  This urge of your customer needs to be satisfied by bringing in new colors to the site, new presentation of products or services and a new feel of buying online to make him not to go away from you. Xithi provides eCommerce website development solutions to scale up your business with a huge leap forward by upgrading or redesigning your eCommerce website.


Why Upgrade & Redesign?


  • Existing eCommerce website can’t withstand the extra load f the growing business.

  • Add new features and functionality to attract customers.

  • Fresh look and feel to grab attention of your customers.

  • Penetration into the tablet and mobile user market.

  • Offer better product spread or services to customers.

  • Upgrade current eCommerce website to the latest technology platform.


    Use Cases Of eCommerce Website Upgrade & Redesign


  • Mobile and tablet enable existing eCommerce website.

  • Upgrade prestashop/magento/oscommerce eCommerce website to latest version.

  • Offer more payment options on the eCommerce website to users.

  • Enable better navigation and social media engagement.


    Why Hire Us For eCommerce Website Upgrade & Redesign?


  • Experience in eCommerce website upgrades with minimal downtime.

  • Capability in redesigning existing eCommerce websites.

  • Established customer engagement modal.

  • Established development, upgrade and testing methodologies.

  • Excellent value for money for quicker ROI.