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Over the years, we have gained valuable experience in the areas we work by successfully delivering on the challenges faced by our customers & have nurtured a capable talent pool.
  • XiTHi TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD Designed, developed a wordpress website for my company. They are excellent in designing, developing wordpress websites. They have very good knowledgeable technical staffs and very impressed with their customer friendly user interaction helped us to develop the website in a unique way. They are very Honest, Hardworking Team, Dedicated and professional in their work We would strongly recommend Xithi and Wish them Good Luck
    Santosh K
  • Xithi has a young and enthusiastic team who are eager to deliver. They are efficient and offer good after sales service.
    Arpitha K
    Owner Brand Consulting Company India
  • I had a good experience with Xithi. They were good in understanding the requirement & had a Remote Access option through which I could view the work-in-progress. They are reasonable in their pricing & give suggestions wherever necessary. Their USP seems to be "Value for Money" I wish them All the best in their future endeavors
    Rajeev R
    Owner Shopping and Web Portal
  • They carefully listen and give thoughtful advice to Clients which made working with them enjoyable. They can take a high level idea and produce a professional looking yet high-quality detail page in short order. They did an amazing job of making our vision come to life! The site looks great and works better than expected! Xithi exceeded our expectations.
    Marius K & Christian O
    Management Consultants Germany
  • Xithi technologies is not a service provider rather a partner in making your web presence felt. Superior customer service along with dedicated support make them the right choice.Highly recommended.
    Praggya S
    Owner PBS n Co Digital Services
  • We found Xithi to be very prompt with their services. Its' people are friendly and turnaround time for service requests were minimal.
    Avinash V
    2nd Vice President (2013-14) Old Boys' Association St. Joseph's Boys' High School
  • We've been working with Xithi for several years. We outsource all of our web development and custom WordPress websites to them. They are amazing at what they do. They meet all deadlines with the same urgency as we do.
    Director Web Development Company NJ, USA
  • Xithi products are professional, customer support is excellent. One can get value for their money spent.
    Fr Manoj D Souza
    Head of Computer Science St. Joseph's College
  • We've thrown some tough tasks at Xithi and they've been tenacious in finding solutions.
    Michael W
    Director, Digital Media Company Perth, Australia
  • I worked with Xithi to set up my first Wordpress Blog website. They produced a site for me that was exactly what I asked for and the communication and after sales care has been outstanding. Thanks guys!
    Anna C
    Yoga Teacher Perth, Australia
Xithi has proven capability and a well organized team of PHP expertise, Project Management and Architecture knowledge to execute the most complex PHP projects . We have successfully delivered a number of large scale PHP applications, WordPress plugins, Joomla components, Magento, Prestashop and Opencart customizations and development using agile scrum project management methodology. Our key strengths are in the below areas

PHP Application Development

Team Xithi has delivered custom PHP web applications right from conceptualization to design, development, integration, testing and documentation as per the client requirement, time frame and budget. Xithi has an mature & established capability in the php applications space. More about our PHP Application Development Capabilities

PHP Enhancement And Upgrades

Upgrading or enhancing applications which are live with visitors on the site 24/7 takes careful planning and execution. Team Xithi has worked with customers who have upgraded or enhanced their website and PHP applications with minimal downtime, zero risk of data, search engine ranking and visitor loss. More about our PHP Enhancement And Upgrade Services

PHP Intranet Applications

Xithi has been successfully engaged by customers to develop intranet based PHP applications for web portals, inventory management applications, procurement, sales and tracking based applications. Our team is trained to practice agile development methods using Scrum to deliver bug free, clean php code on time and within budget. More about our PHP Intranet Applications Development Services

SAAS based PHP Applications

The world is leaning towards SAAS (Software As A Service) which significantly reduces cost of ownership and maintenance to its users. Xithi’s development team have gained insights in developing SAAS based applications using robust PHP frameworks like Codeiginter and Yii across multiple projects spanning several man months. More about our SAAS PHP Application Development Services

API Development And Integration

It is inevitable for large applications to interact with third party applications and interfaces both ways. Xithi has developed API interfaces using XML, SOAP and RESTful APIs to integrate into open source solutions like WordPress, Joomla and shopping carts. Xithi has gained substantial knowledgeable in integrating third party APIs like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Shipment tracking and data feed APIs into developed PHP applications. More about our API Development And Integration Services

Open Source CMS Customisation

The most popular open source content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Concrete5 and Typo3 are based on PHP, HTML,CSS, Jquery and Javascript. Xithi’s multi skilled content management specialists deliver enhancements to standard plugins/modules or develop new solutions to suit challenges faced by our customers. More About Open Source CMS Customization Services

PHP eCommerce Customisation

Every eCommerce business is unique and has unique requirements which differentiate it from other eCommerce businesses. Xithi has successfully worked with customers running successful eCommerce business’ for development of new functionality, enhancements and upgrades to help them save time, create a niche, improve their search positions or upgrade to the latest in technology. More about PHP eCommerce Customization Services
WordPress is the most popular and easy to use open source PHP based content management system with endless possibilities. WordPress provides the flexibility to be a simple blog, a multi user application, portal, booking site or an full fledged eCommerce site. As a WordPress Developer, Xithi have worked on various WordPress projects across verticals which has carved a name as the company to go to for WordPress development in India.

WordPress Website Development

Xithi has has proven capability and knowledge pool with several man years around WordPress to make it work the way our customers need. We have developed small business websites, news portals, personal blogs, complex applications involving WordPress to custom PHP application integration, feeds integration and database driven work flow applications and eCommerce applications on wordpress. Our WordPress Website Development Capabilities

WordPress Website Upgrade And Redesign

The WordPress development and design team at Xithi has been successfully involved in the redesign, upgrade and enhancements of several customer websites. They bring to the table solid knowledge of design, plugin compatibility, live site planning and upgrades, cross browser integration testing and much more. More about WordPress Website Upgrade And Redesign

WordPress Theme Development

Xithi WordPress designers has the capability to convert a given design in .ai, psd or html file into responsive SEO optimized WordPress themes. Xithi WordPress design team also has the capability to conceptualize a design based on the customer’s brand image, audience, service/product offering and develop a unique design and WordPress theme. More about WordPress Theme Development

WordPress Plugin Development

Xithi’s WordPress developers have experience in developing plugins to suit our customer’s requirements. The team has successfully enhanced existing WordPress plugins to suit changing business needs reducing development costs. More about WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress API And Integration

Information portals, Ecommerce, classifieds, real estate and social networking sites need interaction with third party sites. Xithi has proven expertise in integrating feeds and third party APIs into and out of the WordPress platform. More about WordPress API And Integration

WordPress Site Optimisation And Security

Xithi started out developing and designing small business websites on WordPress when most of the web world was still into plain html sites. Experience over the years developing hundreds of WordPress sites and supporting them have given us a good understanding of optimizing and securing WordPress sites. More about WordPress Site Optimization And Security
Joomla is an open source free content management framework (CMS) framework for publishing content build on a mvc framework and written in PHP. Joomla is preferred for creating intranets, community networks with membership levels, multilingual portals and also simple websites. Xithi has developed websites across various verticals in education, real estate, community portals and government portals using Joomla framework.

Joomla Website Development

Xithi has delivered customer projects in Joomla in the field of education, manufacturing, community and  government portals and real estate. Xithi’s Joomla development team come has several man years of design and development experience who can quickly deliver high quality Joomla websites. More about Joomla Website Development

Joomla Website Upgrade And Redesign

The Joomla design and development team at Xithi has been successfully involved in the redesign, upgrade and enhancements of multiple Joomla websites. In depth knowledge in design, module and component compatibility, planning and upgrades, cross browser integration testing have enabled low down times and zero loss of traffic. More about Joomla Website Upgrade And Redesign

Joomla Template Development

Xithi Joomla design team have the capability to conceptualize a design based on the customer’s brand image, audience, service/product offering and develop a unique design and Joomla template which works well on a Desktop and mobile devices. Xithi’s Joomla designers can convert a given design in .ai, psd or html file into a Joomla template. More about Joomla Template Development

Joomla Component And Module Development

Xithi’s Joomla development teams have experience in developing Joomla components and modules to suit our customer’s requirements. The team has successfully enhanced existing Joomla components and modules reducing development costs. More about Joomla Component And Module Development

Joomla API And Integration

Xithi has proven expertise in integrating feeds and third party APIs into and out of Joomla. Team Xithi has Joomla development expertise to integrate facebook, twitter, google APIs as well as feeds from third party applications. More about Joomla API And Integration

Joomla Site Optimisation And Security

Xithi supports several Joomla customer web portals and assets. Experience over the years supporting them have given us a good understanding of optimizing and securing Joomla websites. More about Joomla Site Optimisation And Security
The convenience, technology advancement and accessibility eCommerce offers compared to conventional shopping has changed the way people shop. Businesses not leveraging on this new channel of selling are noticing a downtrend or stagnant revenue growth. Xithi has designed and developed eCommerce portals for small businesses selling under ten products to businesses selling hundreds of products across multiple categories, brands, colors and sizes while equally understanding the needs of a click and mortar business to a totally online business.

eCommerce Website Development

Xithi has designed and developed eCommerce websites for customers in various countries keeping in perspective the customer brand, offering and target audience. Xithi eCommerce developers have the skills across various eCommerce solutions which are suitable to small business to large portals requiring complex product displays. More about eCommerce Website Development

eCommerce Website Upgrade And Redesign

Over the years, Xithi’s eCommerce team have been involved in the upgrade of online eCommerce portals. Xithi has established planning, testing procedures and checklists to ensure minimal downtime and traffic loss. More about eCommerce Website Upgrade And Redesign

eCommerce Data Services

Team Xithi has experience in product data uploads, online catalog creation, photo editing and Ebay and Amazon store setup. More about eCommerce Data Services

eCommerce API And Integration

Xithi has successfully integrated third party product feeds and APIs into eCommerce portals for shipping, price calculation and reviews. More about eCommerce API And Integration

eCommerce Payment Gateway Integration

Xithi’s eCommerce services team have integrated non standard payment gateways from banks from India as well as overseas for accepting payment into customer’s merchant account. More about eCommerce Payment Gateway Integration
A website which no one is aware of is as good as a business operating without a signboard. Xithi digital marketing team has worked successfully with several businesses from around the world to provide exposure to the target audience by building online brand awareness, search and social media optimisation.

Website UI Redesign And Branding

A website is the face of the business to the online world. A well presented website instills trust and user experience ensuring the business is looked at favorably. Xithi web design and digital marketing team interact to project the brand and business in an effective way equaled with the latest technology to implement it. More about Website UI Redesign And Branding

Onpage SEO Optimisation

Xithi design and marketing team are well versed with delivering captivating content and technical implementation of the website for visibility in online searches. More about Onpage SEO Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is an art of effectively applying the technical aspects, content and recommendations from peer sites in an optimal way for the services or products offered by the business to appear on search results. The SEO experts from the digital marketing team at Xithi have credible experience in turning websites around in search engine rankings. More about Search Engine Optimization

Result Driven Online Advertising

Xithi’s digital marketing team has experience in a whole array of paid advertising like Google adsense, PPC, PPA and advertisement re targeting which provides result driven returns on advertisement budget. More about Result Driven Online Advertising

Social Media Marketing

Most business or products can achieve a big boost with visibility and endorsements via social media marketing. Xithi’s digital marketing team has experienced individuals in social media marketing who advise the right approach, strategies and campaigns to achieve brand recognition, product/ service awareness and thus fuel customer business growth. More about Social Media Marketing
Websites are an asset to a business or individual which is a source of income either by the way of advertising or promoting products /services. They need to be monitored to prevent from hacking, upgraded when needed and housekeeping needs to be done on a regular basis. Xithi’s dedicated support team successfully manages websites with millions of pages and attracting up to 20,000 visitors per day to small business websites.

Website And Server Monitoring

Xithi website support team has the capability to monitor websites on shared, VPS and dedicated servers running in a Linux environment. Xithi currently manages small wordpress sites to very large portals with hundreds of users at any given point in time. More about Website And Server Monitoring

Daily, Weekly And Monthly Housekeeping

Xithi’s support team has experience in taking daily, weekly and monthly backups, clearing server logs, cache management, monitoring attacks and has established procedures to take necessary steps to keep maintain the server health and service up time. More about Daily, Weekly And Monthly Housekeeping
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